How to furnish meeting rooms

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Long, short, large or small meetings. Meeting rooms are where new ideas are born and important decisions are taken. Good interior design for a meeting room needs to suit many different meetings and people.

If you want to create a warm, welcoming feel in a meeting room, choose colours with a warmer temperature. If you want the meeting room to be perceived as larger and have a cool feeling, you should choose a correspondingly cool colour. If the meeting room is large, an oval or circular table works well as the centre point of the room – otherwise a rectangular table is as classic a choice as it is elegant. Larger rooms also benefit from connectable tables, so that the table area can be expanded or reduced as required.

Choose between stationary meeting tables or tables with electrical outlets in the table top for straightforward connection during telephone conferences and remote meetings. Choose chairs that are comfortable to sit in during long conferences and workshops – such as chairs with swivel bases, armrests and adjustable back supports. Other useful items are projector screens and whiteboards, together with storage for pens and paper.

Furniture for small meeting rooms and group rooms

Small meeting rooms can be furnished with stackable chairs which can be laid out or tidied away according to the number of participants. Sit-stand tables can be a good choice to allow a varied working position during the meeting.

In smaller meeting rooms or group rooms, you may only need side tables, small round tables with pedestal frames or standing tables with barstools. In rooms for more informal meetings, sofas or pouffes can be combined with smaller tables.

And last but not least, good ventilation is extremely important, particularly in smaller rooms without windows – so make sure you have efficient air conditioning.

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