Sit-stand and fixed desks

A stable desk is an essential when you’re choosing office furniture. EFG has desks and work tables that fulfil the many needs of employees in activity-based offices. Our table range contains robust desks and work tables in versions with different widths, heights, designs and functionalities. Here you can find everything from silent sit-stand desks with metal frames and T-feet to stationary tables with four legs. A sit-stand desk or work table is particularly useful if several people use the same workstation. With motor-operated height adjustment in a desk, you can choose whether to work standing or sitting at the touch of a button. Our range also includes smart desks ready for you to connect the digital booking systems and apps that show how long you have been sitting or standing. It’s also possible to set a personal height for both standing and sitting work for different users.

Choose the version of frame and top you want for your work table

Regardless of whether you’re looking for a desk with a top in natural wood or laminate, we have a table that will suit you. The desks are available with many frames and tops in a number of shapes, colours and sizes, together with straight or bevelled table edges. Wood types you can choose for the hard wearing table tops include beech, birch and ash, and the frames are available in white, black, grey, silver and chromium. Our range includes variants with sliding tops as an option for convenient management of wires and cables. For cable management, EFG offers cable trays in different colours and lengths to fit the different variants of our desks. The majority of desks in the range can be equipped with acoustic table screens to provide greater privacy. Useful accessories are available for all of our desks to free up space on the table top. It’s also possible to link together several tables to build larger constellations of workstations in open environments or meeting rooms.