Screened booths for workstations and meeting rooms

In workplaces with open plan layouts where employees share the space, there is often a need for privacy for meetings and concentrated work. Furnish your office with upholstered and sound absorbing booths to reduce the noise level and create private workstations and room-in-room spaces in the open plan office. Our range includes several modular acoustic booths which can be combined with sofas, cushions, tables, lighting and electrical outlets for computers. Our booths make it possible to create separate workplaces and informal meeting rooms that supplement normal meeting rooms and conference rooms. Place booths around desks to screen off rows of workstations, or build booths as individual seating. The modules of the booth also make it possible to build S-shaped workstations with several seats side by side. Our quiet and flexible booths can be used for telephone conversations or as mobile work booths and pop-up meeting rooms almost anywhere in the workplace. These meeting booths or “pods” can be used for both informal and formal meetings, either face-to-face or remotely.

Design work booths and meeting booths according to your taste and needs

Do you need one large or several small meeting booths? With the booths in EFG’s range you don’t need to choose, because they offer almost endless opportunities to create different room-in-room solutions. Simply design the booth or booths in the size you need and the colour you want. The booths can then be upholstered in your choice of the many different fabrics from our fabric range, including with one colour on the inside and another on the outside. Match the fabric on the booth to other colours in the interior design so the furniture blends naturally into your open plan office, or choose a booth in a contrasting colour. The booths are available with medium or high backs and the frames can have wooden legs, sledge bases or wheel frames, for example. It’s even possible to add accessories to the booth, such as a writing tablet, memo board or magazine holder.