Furniture and interior design for learning environments

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Create the right conditions for new knowledge acquisition and peaceful study. Furnish lecture rooms, auditoriums and other rooms for teaching and studies with functional, comfortable and smart seating and tables.

Albert Einstein claimed that he didn’t teach his students – instead he provided them with the environment in which they could learn. And a good learning environment should create the conditions to absorb new knowledge, both alone and together with other people. Interiors in learning environments such as corridors, group rooms, halls and auditoriums should be suitable for lectures, teaching, self-study and group work. Furnish corridors and open spaces with quiet booths and seating such as comfortable sofas and tables to allow users to read in peace and quiet or have a coffee between lectures. Tables and sofas that offer the opportunity to plug in computers and mobile chargers are a good choice in group rooms for studies and in open spaces for breaks.

Interior design in group rooms and auditoriums

Auditoriums of all sizes are often equipped with a projector and screen facing rows of benches or chairs. In the auditorium, connectable chairs with or without armrests are an excellent choice. Chairs that can be stacked also work very well in rooms such as lecture theatres where the number of participants can increase or decrease. Wall-mounted sound absorbers create more comfortable acoustics in large halls. Remember that upholstered chairs also help to reduce the noise level, so choose fully upholstered chairs or chairs with only the back or seat upholstered. In group rooms, pedestal tables can be an ergonomic choice as the top can be raised or lowered to suit standing or sitting study. Small side tables at laptop height work perfectly in smaller group rooms for self-study.

Nova chairs are available upholstered and with runners to make them easy to move around and stack. Upholstered chairs also help to mute noise levels in auditoriums and group rooms.