Create a pleasant atmosphere in reception and lounge areas

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The company’s reception, lobby and lounge areas should be welcoming and relaxing places for both visitors and employees. Take inspiration from hotel lounges or create your very own impression with colours, lighting and furniture.

An inviting reception area creates a good first impression. Furnish it with comfortable sofas and chairs where guests can wait, with small tables to place coffee cups on. Reduce noise with fabric covered sound absorbers on the walls, making the area comfortable for both guests and the receptionist answering phone calls. When it comes to lobby and lounge areas, they must appeal to both guests and company employees. Take inspiration from hotel lobbies and airport lounges where the interior design is often characterised by slightly dimmed lighting, with low suspended lamps and elegant rugs outlining seating groups with robust armchairs, low sofas and small lounge tables. A good light and acoustic environment are essential for creating a feeling of comfort, so clad the walls with fabric sound absorbers and choose lighting with care – for example targeted spotlights to focus on decorative details such as vases, plants and art on the walls.

A dark or light lounge environment?

To capture the dark feeling, equip the lounge environment with furniture with substantial forms and distinctive materials in dark wood, leather and metal. Chairs in dark stained wood or bar stools with leather upholstery work very well at a coffee bar for offering guests a drink immediately they arrive.

Elegant or dark upholstery on chairs or sofas can be accentuated with colourful frames to set off the sombre impression. Even though muted and calm colourways are common in lounge environments, you can choose lighter furniture if the lobby or lounge is well illuminated or has a lot of natural light from windows, or to better match with the company’s colour profile or other interior design concept.

The Woods Club lounge furniture and the small Navi side table make a great combination in lounges and receptions.

A light lobby gives a fresh impression and also permits use of furniture in stronger colours, such as fully upholstered modular sofas or upholstered chair backs which can be combined with lounge tables or side tables at different heights.

Furnish the company lounge with Mingle Lounge in stand-out colours that demand attention.