Furniture for dining rooms, cafeterias and kitchens

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Create pleasant spaces for food, breaks and socialising. Interior design in the company’s dining room, kitchen or cafeteria should suit everything from breakfast meetings and lunch breaks to birthday celebrations and after work events.

A lunch break is about much more than just eating, so the environment in the dining room should not merely be practical but should also facilitate socialising and relaxation. Invest in Scandinavian interior design and furnish the space with chairs in timeless design and light, neutral colours – or allow the colours of the chair frames or seats to bring life to the lunch room.

Circular tables and high-backed wooden chairs are another classic choice for kitchens. Create an animated environment in the dining room by combining low and high lunch tables. Build a kitchen island with standing tables and bar stools, or compose dining areas with several smaller pedestal or long rectangular tables. Conversations across the table and cutlery clashing on plates can mean increased noise volumes, so it’s sensible to equip the room with wall-mounted sound absorbers to create a more pleasant dining room environment.

Make space for coffee breaks in kitchens and cafeterias

Relaxation is important to employee well-being, and the most productive pattern is to intersperse work and meetings with a longer coffee break or shorter breaks now and then. Make it easy to take a break exactly when it’s needed with comfortable sofas, armchairs, chairs and pouffes, with or without café tables. Modular sofas are great for creating exactly the shape and size of seating area you need. If the dining room, kitchen or cafeteria needs to hold large numbers of seats, make sure you don’t place tables too close to each other. This ensures there’s space to easily move between tables and to pull out chairs.