Comfortable and functional office chairs for the workplace

Almost one in two employees in Sweden has a sedentary job, which makes it very important to invest in seating that will be comfortable throughout the working day. EFG provides carefully selected ergonomic work chairs and office chairs for the active office. We offer user-friendly chairs that are comfortable to sit in working for longer periods, have smart functions and which always demonstrate high quality design. Our range includes work chairs with high or normal backs, sliding seats and lumbar support, together with models with or without armrests. For example, you can choose whether you want a chair with a back upholstered in fabric or covered in mesh. The chair models are available in a number of variants which can be customised with different options and colours for the upholstery, star base and frame surface treatment. The range also includes chairs with automatic tilt resistance and saddle chairs that make it easier to sit upright. Our office chairs work perfectly at desks, in conference rooms, meeting rooms, group rooms and behind the reception desk.

Work chairs for the entire office

Create a good working environment throughout the office with office chairs that cover many different needs. A really good office chair combines a comfortable seat with smart functions to provide all the support you need to work effectively. EFG has high comfort office chairs in many versions with the perfect functionality and design for different types of tasks, activities and environments. Will a chair be used by one or several users? Our range includes flexible work chairs that follow the body’s movements and are easy to adapt to different users. The personalised settings on our office chairs include adjustable seat height, adjustable back angle and adjustable armrests. Adjustable armrests relieve tiredness in shoulders and wrists, and an adjustable back angle stimulates movement during periods of sitting. Here you can find everything from functional and ergonomic chairs with arm and neck rests to smaller variants with fewer functions.