Furnish the right way in open plan offices

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An open plan office is intended to promote collaboration and communication and simultaneously permit separation while working. A clever layout increases productivity and creates a comfortable and creative workplace.

Office furnishings for workstations and open spaces

Concentrated work, meetings, creative processes, teamwork and breaks. In an open plan office, many functions and people are brought together in a single floor plan. Make the most of the large open spaces or divide up the open plan office with screens or storage.

Office chairs and desks at workstations need to be ergonomic to use. And if the workplace is activity based, choose tables and chairs that can be adjusted to the user. Lower noise levels in open plan offices create a calmer workplace where employees are less stressed. Sound absorbers on walls are therefore essential to reduce noise and hubbub. Booths or table screens at workstations can also reduce noise and provide privacy, even if employees are only an arm’s length apart.

Carefully considered colours and furniture

Choose furniture to suit the available area and the colour to suit the required mood. Standing tables and barstools provide space for activity-based work and touch-down areas for spontaneous meetings. But comfortable seating where employees can recharge their batteries over a coffee is just as important as flexible workstations. Make rooms for coffee breaks in the open office and furnish with plants, paintings, comfortable sofas, pouffes and practical lounge tables.

Pulse storage cabinets with legs can also be used as tables in open spaces.

Colour brings life to your office and can be everything from a contrasting feature wall around cosy corner seating to wall storage that brings interest to a corridor. A colour explosion or minimalist use of colour? How much colour and what shades and temperatures you choose is a matter of taste. Work with contrasts to create a good balance between energy and harmony in your use of colour. EFG offers many different materials and colours in everything from chairs to sound absorbers.