Elegant meeting tables in several versions

EFG offers tables to furnish both large and small meeting rooms and other meeting places. We have a wide range of tables for both physical and remote meetings. Our range includes tables in versions with plain tops or with tops fitted with electrical outlets, for example with integrated cable trays for connected working. A meeting table with integrated technology is extremely useful, for example during video meetings, training sessions, workshops or presentations in the conference room. Collaborate and HideTech are two of our families of meeting tables that can be equipped with cable lids or recessed electrical outlets. The frame is at least as important as the table top, and the range includes frames in wood, metal and polished aluminium. We provide sit-stand tables, pedestal tables and A, U or V-shaped leg frames. Metal frames are available in white, grey, black or chromium. For example, you can match your meeting table with work chairs with swivel bases or meeting chairs with a chromed star base.

Tables for meetings, conferences and workshops

A good meeting table should facilitate collaboration and discussions, and stimulate creativity. How many places do you need around the table? We have meeting tables in several different shapes, lengths and heights, but always with the same clear focus on design and function. Regardless of whether you’re looking for a conference table for long periods of sitting or short meetings at a standing table, we definitely have a table for you. We provide a wide variation of materials and shapes for frames and table tops for all of our meeting tables. Choose between circular, oval, square and rectangular table tops, and whether you want straight or bevelled edges. Here you can find everything from large, boat shaped tables in solid wood to smaller, circular tables with laminate tops for more informal meetings. The tables can be adapted in terms of the dimensions for both top and frame. Choose a large table from the outset, or put several together to create a U-shaped board for a really large meeting room.