Flexible storage solutions

Good storage is essential in the workplace. EFG’s range of office storage fulfils the majority of storage needs in a modern workplace. All of our storage series are flexible and can be customised, which means you can build your storage exactly as small, large, tall or short as you desire. Store folders, documents and other office material conveniently on the floor or walls with modular storage tailor made to your premises. Choose modules with the width, height and depth that suits your storage needs. For example, our range includes different types of shelves and cabinets, sliding door cabinets, sideboards, floor-standing storage, tower model cabinets and storage on wheels. Wall-mounted storage saves valuable space in open environments and workrooms, while floor-standing storage works perfectly close to workstations or as room dividers. For example, a cabinet with doors can be used as a sideboard or practical flat surface in open environments, reception and lounge areas. Choose to mix closed and open storage with shelves and cabinets. Open storage saves space as you don’t need to allow for room to open doors. Our storage units also function as room dividers, which means that the storage is even more functional.

Storage for all needs

Whether you have small or large storage needs makes no difference. EFG allows you to build your storage vertically or horizontally with as many cabinets or shelves as you require. With our storage series, it’s easy to create personal or shared storage by combining shelves, cabinets, drawers and cabinets with doors. Frames, fronts, plinths, legs and wheels for the storage are available in a number of different materials and colours. With storage from our range, you can decide for yourself how you want bodies and fronts to look and whether you need lockable fronts and doors, push to open or bale handles, pull out drawers and drawer inserts, shelves and trays. Wheels make the storage easy to move so you can alter the furniture layout. A cabinet with a white body and the frame lacquered in a contrasting colour makes a subtle but attractive design detail. All storage from EFG can be specially designed, for example to add fronts in other materials or other frame colours.