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Sustainable and quality-tested furniture

EFG’s furniture is of high quality and should be safe for both the environment and people. Consequently, the products are tested in EFG’s accredited testing laboratory.

Quality tested in an accredited laboratory

Quality testing is a pre-condition for creating sustainable design and furniture that’s safe to use. EFG’s own furniture test laboratory is one of few in Sweden that is accredited by Swedac, an independent third-party reviewer, and which is therefore approved according to the European and international quality standards for laboratories. 
Quality testing is an important cornerstone of EFG’s sustainability process, as it ensures the products are of high quality, safe and sustainable. Quality testing also makes it possible for us to offer the industry’s best guarantee terms.
We carry out regular testing that supplements standard methods. The products are tested to tolerate daily use and hard wear. Every year, we carry out hundreds of product tests, with each product covered by up to 20 elements such as safety, strength, function and ergonomics. In the case of EFG’s seating, seats and backs are impact and pressure tested, armrests are loaded and furniture undergoes tip-over testing.
We also use our own test laboratory in our product development, where we test different materials and design solutions so we can continue to manufacture products with the best possible quality. For specific tests, for example fire safety in padded furniture, lacquered surface resistance and acoustic testing of sound absorbers, we use external testing laboratories.