Our design philosophy – Keep your darlings

EFG designs products with minimalist contruction, versatile functionality and long lifecycles. Furniture where the quality, function and style mean that it needn’t be replaced but can be updated over time.

Make a difference for the customer

EFG creates every product to make a difference for the customer, both in the short and long term. The design should work in terms of form, function, environmental values and price. We always strive to develop products that last a long time, both for our customers and for our range. We want to create “darlings” – items of furniture where the form and function mean they can be retained and redesigned if necessary. Products with a long life cycle are the most important argument for our future and we are convinced that we share this view with our customers. Long-term thinking means that we want to be able to help our customers upgrade their products on site with new fabrics or new parts. It should be possible for a footstool to become a chair and for a chair with a metal chassis to be refitted with a wooden one. This gives the products new life without the customer having to buy an entirely new piece of furniture.

The foundation of our design philosophy is ‘Keep your darlings’. Our furniture is designed to last and be kept. Don’t replace a product you like – extend or adapt it!

Andreas Mattisson, Manager Product Development EFG

Minimalist and sustainable design

Our design style is minimalist with simple constructions. This gives aesthetically pleasing products that last a long time. Timeless design that works year after year is sustainable and means the product lives for longer. For us, “less is more” means fewer components and less material consumption, but also that the design can tolerate being changed by the customer adding options. If they want, the customer should be able to turn the volume up from less is more to more is more. EFG designs some products internally, but also collaborates with external designers – everything from new talents to established design names. When we choose a new designer, it’s important they share EFG’s view of sustainability and that the design is customisable.

Circular materials

EFG uses as many recycled materials as possible and makes sure the material can be recycled again when part or all of a piece of furniture needs to be replaced. In the rare cases where the product has reached the end of its life, we have a policy to use materials that are as pure as possible and not to mix natural and synthetic materials or one synthetic material with others. It must be possible to incinerate or recycle natural materials – and ideally they should be completely biologically degradable. It should be possible to recycle all synthetic materials.