Ori – modular sofa system with character and comfort

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Ori is a modular, sculptural sofa system with a comfort level ideal for work. The modular system makes it easy to create a great many variants to meet different functions, and its unique design expression imparts character to any setting it occupies.

In a design collaboration with Front, EFG has created Ori, a modular sofa system that invites occupants to enjoy many different sitting postures. Today’s flexible modes of working demand furniture that can meet multiple needs and look great in different settings. The social spaces where we often meet have also grown in importance. Ori seeks to create seating that meets many functions and combines high level design, good comfort and sustainability. As an expression of the narrowing gap between home and commercial furnishings, we also see how Ori, inspired by origami’s geometric design language, bridges the gap between home and office.

Well-developed comfort and accessories for work

One of Ori’s most important aspects was the need to provide great comfort. With accessories such as tables and power sockets, Ori is more than just a sofa, it’s a work system. While its comfort allows occupants to sit and work for extended periods, Ori is equally well suited for short meetings in privacy or as a rendezvous point in the centre of a room.

The sofa system comprises seven modules with a base and seat, as well as a two-seat and three-seat sofa. Different formations can be created by combining the modules and adapting the sofa to suit needs or the surroundings. Create anything from a little sculptural sofa to the rounded variant, a U-shaped group or a long, curved constellation that fills an entire room. Choose the sofa’s upholstery from a wide range of fabrics. The base is available upholstered in fabric or vinyl.

Neat, playful and inspired by origami

Ori’s unique design expression derives from the perfect symmetry of folded paper. It adds character to offices, lounges and hotel lobbies or to public spaces such as libraries and universities. The design strives to be playful and sculptural, and its carefully considered proportions create an elegant whole.

In designing Ori, Front wanted to create a feeling that something had unfolded out of the modular system. They began with folded paper models, and plumped for a rounded fan shape that recurs in the design where the sofa curves. Front also worked with the facets on the back of the furniture to create a non-directional piece. A decorative bead around the edge emphasizes the shapes and gives the piece a softer feel. The recessed base contributes to the neat appearance and allows Ori to take up little space, permitting multiple workstations, even in small spaces

A sustainable system

Ori is made from pure, sustainable materials in line with EFG’s circular design philosophy. Its layer-by-layer design allows components to be removed, repaired and replaced over time, and because the fabric is not bonded to the foam, it’s also easy to reupholster all or part of the furniture. Ori is Möbelfakta labelled, and the wood used is FSC® certified* from responsibly managed forests.


In brief

  • Designed by Front
  • Modular system with seven modules
  • Well-developed comfort for work and relaxation
  • Available with optional cushion, table and power socket
  • Available in a choice of fabrics
  • The base and seat component are available in different fabrics
  • Layer-by-layer design
  • FSC® certified wood (FSC–C009111)
  • Möbelfakta labelled
  • 5-year warranty 


Designed by Front

Stockholm-based design studio Front consists of Anna Lindgren and Sofia Lagerkvist. Over the years, they have received awards such as Designer of the Future, Designer of the Year and the Interior Innovation Award. Their works have been exhibited at the National Museum, MoMA, the Victoria & Albert Museum, M+ and the Pompidou Centre.

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