An attractive work and study environment at the University of Southern Denmark 

When the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Southern Denmark in Odense downsized its premises, the new space needed to be exploited efficiently. With EFG’s help, the department created attractive and inspiring environments for students, researchers and university employees.

An inspiring interior in a smaller space

The Faculty of Engineering at the University of Southern Denmark wanted to create appealing and inspiring study and work environments to attract more students, researchers and qualified employees. The challenge was to do this in smaller premises than previously and to exploit the space as efficiently as possible. Using clever interior design solutions and high quality design products in carefully selected materials, more students per lecturer can now be taught in premises that are both modern and aesthetically appealing.

We have less space than before, so now we’re using every centimetre of space. We chose furniture in primary grey and black shades, as these calm colours work well with the colourful interior of the building.

Mogens Brabech, Chief Consultant, University of Southern Denmark

Time for recovery in a lounge environment

To fit in with the university’s colourful premises – for example rooms in orange and yellow from floor to ceiling – furniture in grey and black was selected. Meeting rooms were equipped with the HideTech table with integrated technology in the table top and office chairs from Active and Savo. For storage in the form of shelves and cabinets at workstations, Create Storage was used with black frames and wooden fronts. The majority of engineering students at the university have long working weeks, so there was a need to provide lounge areas for well-deserved breaks, which were created with pouffes, sofas and the Chat pedestal table.

  • EFG’s role: Interior support, furniture supplier
  • Delivery date: 2015  
  • Location: Odense, Denmark
  • Business: Education
  • Workstations: Premises for 3000 students, 300 researchers, lecturers and administration.