Woods – now with replaceable upholstery

Woods is a fully upholstered chair with replaceable upholstery, making it a sustainable choice for meeting rooms and lounge areas!

No adhesive is used between the fabric and the foam when we manufacture our Woods meeting chair. The chair’s classic design and replaceable parts, such as the upholstery and frame, give this piece of furniture a long lifetime. Woods’ components consist primarily of recyclable materials. All of the wood is FSC®-certified* and no harmful chemicals have been used. EFG’s sustainability goal is to be climate neutral by 2040. An important aspect in meeting this goal is our design philosophy, which means that we design our furniture so it can be updated. And Woods is a great example of this! Our design philosophy applies both when we develop new products and when we update existing ones.

Read more about our design philosophy and sustainability work in EFG’s sustainability report.

*EFGs FSC licence number is FSC-C009111, www.fsc.org 

  • Woods’ classic design gives a long lifetime
  • The parts of the chair are replaceable
  • No adhesive between the fabric and foam, making it possible to replace the upholstery
  • Available in variants with fabric marked with the EU Ecolabel
  • 69% of EFG’s standard fabrics that can be used for Woods are EU Ecolabelled
  • Woods Club is available with a wooden frame