Tables for work, meetings and breaks

Design the office with the right table for each room. EFG’s table range contains small and large desks, meeting tables, lounge tables and dining tables with different designs and functionalities. We provide a wide variation of materials and shapes for frames and table tops for all of our tables.

The materials and surface treatments available for our table tops include ash, birch and beech together with linoleum and laminate in different colours. This means you can easily match tables with office chairs, meeting chairs and other chairs in the range. A desk for a workstation is an important part of your office furniture. When choosing desks for a workplace, it’s important to take into account factors such as the amount of surface area the desk should offer and the functionality required by the intended users. Is this a workstation for one or several people? Here you can find sit-stand desks that promote active and varying working positions, but we also offer stationary tables where the focus is on simplicity rather than performance. The majority of desks in our range can be supplemented with screens and accessories that free up space on the table. There are also desks that can be linked together to create rows of workstations.

Meeting tables, dining tables and lounge tables

Make the best possible use of space in the conference room and meeting room with tables where the design, size and functionality perfectly suits the intended use. In our range you will find elegant tables in different sizes and shapes, and with straight or bevelled edges. Perhaps you want a large oval conference table with many places, or a neat standing table or side table for a smaller meeting room? Many conference and meeting tables in our range can have integrated technology through smart electrical outlets set into the table top. We also offer several different types of table for kitchens, dining rooms and cafeterias. A large standing table used as a dining table works well as a kitchen island. In larger dining rooms, several small circular tables or rectangular dining tables may be the solution. Our range contains small tables which provide practical flat surfaces while simultaneously enhancing the interior design. Choose from a number of pedestal tables, coffee tables and side tables for auditoriums, lobby, lounge and social areas for breaks and socialising.