Surround – A smart booth for work and meetings

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Get more out of every square metre with Surround. Use booths to create private workstations, sitting areas and meeting rooms in the open plan office.

A better work environment with quiet work booths and meeting booths

The Surround family are booths – also known as “pods” – which can easily be integrated into open plan layouts to create a better working environment and acoustics. The booth becomes a little oasis where you can work with concentration or talk undisturbed. Surround is designed by Olle Lundberg and makes it possible to create private work booths and meeting booths with sofas, tables and lighting. Surround is ideal in open plan offices because the booths can be used to create a room-in-room solution with private spaces for individual and group work. They can also be combined to create rooms for meetings, telephone conversations or breaks in peace and quiet. Place the booths opposite each other or assemble them into cubes to create one or more meeting rooms in the centre of the larger space.

Design private areas in the open plan office

Surround is characterised by its flexible modules with upholstered walls and sofas with or without a table with built-in power for lighting and electrical outlets for computers. This is a carefully designed piece of furniture with modules in symmetrical and asymmetrical forms with or without roofs. The sofa is available as a 1-seater, 2-seater or 3-seater. The wooden legs for the booth come in variants of exclusive ash. Surround is available as a two-colour unit with different fabrics on the inside and outside. Create a personal touch by upholstering screens, seats and cushions in fabrics that fit into your selected colour profile, or make the inside of Surround a splash of colour.