Mingle – stylish, flexible sofa system

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Forget choosing between big or small sofas. With Mingle, our modular sofa system, it’s never been easier to create soft, comfortable seating for any setting. Build and shape seating exactly the way you want, where you want.

Customisable sofa for every setting

Mingle is a scalable sofa module designed by Steinar Hindenes from designer duo Berg & Hindenes. The stylish sofa is easy to like and can be built to fit into any setting. In addition to the office, Mingle looks great in lounges, hotels, restaurants, cafés and schools. The many different types of modules let you create combinations of both round and straight shapes in various sizes and heights. Benches, armchairs, sofas and tables can be varied in an infinite number of ways and built together in both open and closed spaces. Place a twin sofa in the entrance, build secluded seating with high backs or let Mingle wend its way through the office landscape.

Just how small can a lounge sofa be?

When Berg & Hindenes created Mingle, they set out by asking “how small can a sofa be?” Because Mingle contains less core material, it weighs less than conventional lounge sofas, uses less material and has a smaller carbon footprint. The sofa itself and its legs are unusually slender, but despite its light structure, Mingle offers high-quality, comfortable seating no matter the variant.

Create a personal seating area

The modular sofa is available in the variants Mingle, Mingle Lounge and Mingle High. The classic Mingle version is for anyone looking for a space-efficient sofa and comfortable seating even in small spaces. The generous Mingle Lounge has a deeper, broader seat that provides a relaxing experience and creates comfort in the workplace. Mingle High is a tall version, suitable as a barstool or sofa in restaurant settings or in the office at higher tables. Customise Mingle to create personal seating with the expression you like.

All modules are fully upholstered in fabric or leather and available in one or two colours in the same fabric series. The sofa’s legs are available as metal runners, straight metal legs and round wooden legs. For example, you can choose dark blue woollen fabric with a modern tweed look, beige velvet or knitted polyester in mixed orange shades and combine your choice with black-painted metal legs.