Create Storage and Create Seating – Flexible storage and seating areas

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Your needs for storage and seating areas often increase or decrease over time. Create Storage is a storage system with modules that make it easy to customise your storage and build it into your modular Create Seating sofa. The system is also perfect for room division and room-in-room solutions, both large and small.

Combine modules to create storage and seating areas

Create Storage and Create Seating are designed by Jonas Forsman. The systems can be used individually but were developed to be combined to create smart meeting places. Create Storage is a multifunctional storage system. The system consists of metal modules, drawers, doors, wooden trays and legs. The convenient modules mean that storage can be adapted to the room or to the quantity of items you need to store. Choose whether to place Create Storage on the floor with or without legs or to suspend it from the wall. Use the storage system to screen off seating areas or combine shelves, small storage units and sideboards with upholstered seats and benches from the Create Seating sofa system.

Creative meeting places with a high level of design

With design in focus, Create Storage is more than just storage. The wooden storage boxes are available in three different sizes. Build your storage vertically and horizontally exactly as you want. Place plants, books and ornaments on the shelves to give a creative and personalised impression. By combining Create Storage with Create Seating, you can build a “room in a room” perfect for quick meetings in open spaces. The armrests for Create Seating can be equipped with power outlets, facilitating spontaneous work. Combine the storage units with Create Seating upholstered in one of our many fabrics. Make a combination of shelves, boxes and trays – or why not a cabinet with boxes and doors with a sofa attached?