Creative and Nordic in new Sitrus offices

When communication agency Sitrus was designing its new offices, the focus was on image, personnel and – above all – creativity. With its inviting atmosphere, the office became a very popular location for both employees and the agency’s clients.

Creative design in the office

When communication agency Sitrus was designing its new offices, the aim was to create interior design solutions that helped employees to be more collectively creative. The staff have their own workplaces, but the new office also provides meeting areas that reflect the different needs of the organisation and the work. These take the form of spaces with a lounge feel, good sized meeting rooms for focused work, free spaces and walls with whiteboards where staff can write, draw and create. The premises were given a Nordic feel in terms of material and colour choices to fit in with the origins and style of the group.

Office furniture in light and natural materials

To create a Nordic and light feel, the open spaces were equipped with furniture including the Collaborate table in wood with tall A-legs and bar stools. In other parts of the office, lower tables were used with Nova chairs in ash with sledge bases. Space to store office materials such as colour charts and folders is provided by Create Storage with wooden fronts. Collaborate with round table tops is used in meeting rooms. The creative open areas promote meetings between colleagues who previously didn’t necessarily work together. The interior design and the spaces mean that it is possible to work undisturbed while there is still room for workshops and group work. The new working environment at Sitrus resulted in a positive reaction from employees and made the creative process more productive. The Sitrus offices also became a place people enjoyed being, with many of the agency’s clients choosing to hold meetings there.

  • EFG’s role: Furniture supplier
  • Architect: Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture AB   
  • Delivery date: 2016
  • Location: Gothenburg, Sweden  
  • Business: Digital communications agency 
  • Workstations: 45 workplaces and 10 meeting rooms