The new office is even more social and flexible

The past few years have been characterised by more flexible working methods with many people working partly from home or remotely. Even if there are advantages with hybrid working, there are also things we miss out on when we’re not physically present at the workplace, whose important ingredient is human contact. But how should we furnish to attract employees to the office and create social spaces where people feel at home?

The new office – a social meeting place

Even though our working methods are changing, the need for face-to-face meetings won’t disappear. Also, new ideas and innovations often emerge when people meet. The office has become a place that focuses on interaction, where we get the social reciprocity and stimulation we need.

Open plan, shared reconfigurable spaces that promote creativity and collaboration are a common denominator in the new office. Coworking spaces and lounge areas are common features, but the classic desk landscapes remain. Meeting rooms and project areas are essential for all kinds of meetings, while others prefer to meet over a coffee at the lunch bar or cafeteria.

Furnish smart; furnish flexibly

Comfortable seating areas with work accessories such as power outlets and desks are essential in lounge areas. Modular sofa systems are a smart choice that lets you adapt the sofa to suit different spaces at the office but still create a uniform expression.

Sela is a playful, highly comfortable and flexible stool designed by Berg & Hindenes.

To vary the seating area, you could also add stools; they are easy to move and offer more active sitting postures. Used together with flexible tables and chairs with that comfortable ‘give’ in the back, they provide plenty of inviting places for meetings and teamwork as well as individual focus. Mobile, multifunctional furniture that is easy to adapt to various work assignments is also ideal in the new office environments.

Designs for creativity, productivity and health

Research has shown a connection between a lack of concern for design and an increase in the number of sick days. Workplaces with an attractive design can also lead employees to feel more positive and at ease with the actual job, but creating an attractive workplace is about more than just furniture.

Hybe hybrid seating was designed in collaboration with Form Us With Love and is ideal for both focused work and meetings.

The whole is made up of several factors that affect the work environment such as lighting, colours, temperature, acoustics, ergonomics and spaces for relaxation. Well-planned work environments have been shown to have a positive effect on our creativity, productivity, well-being and health.

The office as a culture carrier

The design of an office and its furnishings are also seen as an extension of the company’s brand. In line with the increase in hybrid working, the company as a culture carrier has become more important, and offices must to a greater extent be places where we feel at home and like to visit. It’s also one of several ways to attract new talent to your company.