Tab S Table screen, acoustic product image 1
Tab S Table screen, acoustic product image 1

Tab S

Table screen, acoustic

Tab S are acoustic screens with excellent sound-absorbing qualities. Suitable for all office spaces as dividers and sound absorbents. Tab S is available in three variants; as a desk screen, floor screen, and wall screen.

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  • Upholstered on two sides with fabric in one color
  • The fabric may be joined on larger screens, the joint is then placed vertically at the center of the screen
  • Tab S desk screen fits all EFG desks except Team Pro and EFG Izi
  • Tab S desk screen dimensions (mm): 800x600, 900x600, 1000x600, 1200x600, 1400x600, 1600x600, 1800x600, 2000x600
  • Tab S floor screen is placed on the floor as a divider or sound absorbent
  • Multiple screens Tab S floor screen can be connected with straight-, 90 degree-, 120 degree-, T- and X- coupling
  • Tab S floor screen dimensions (mm): 800x1400, 1000x1400, 1200x1400, 800x1600, 1000x1600, 1200x1600, 1400x1600, 1600x1600
  • Tab S wall screen is wall-mounted
  • Tab S wall screen dimensions (mm): 800x600, 900x600, 100x600, 1200x600, 1400x600, 1600x600, 1800x600, 2000x600
  • Tab S Can be combined with several items from the Add accessory series
  • Core of sound-absorbing polyester fiber
  • Warranty: 5 years against construction, material and manufacturing errors
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  • Accessories

    Accessories "Add"

    Add is a unique series of accessories for screens and pods.
EFG-Tab S Desk zip Download file
TabS-Desk 3Ds zip Download file
TabS-Desk dwg zip Download file
TabS-Floor 3Ds zip Download file
TabS-Floor dwg zip Download file
TabS-Wall 3Ds zip Download file
TabS-Wall dwg zip Download file
Assembly instructions
TabS-Wall assembly pdf Download file
TabS-Desk assembly pdf Download file
TabS-Floor assembly pdf Download file
Brochures and Catalogues
TabS broschure pdf Download file
Product sheet
Tab S product sheet (EN) pdf Download file
Certificates and licenses
Tab S Environmental declaration (EN) pdf Download file
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