Sela – Playful stool for every setting

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Sela is a multifunctional stool with a playful character that’s as easy on the eye in different settings as it is comfortable. Sela comes in three heights, where each variant can be styled to create a unique visual character.

Playful stools designed by Berg & Hindenes

Sela was developed by the Norwegian design duo Berg & Hindenes and is a family of stools that comes in three seat heights: low (530 mm), medium (660 mm) and high (800 mm). Sela has its very own expression, with great comfort and flexibility. Sela is available with castors or sledge base, making it a piece of easily movable furniture that’s ideal for the activity-based office. Its variants are excellent for high or low tables and kitchen islands.

High, low or in between? Sela comes in three seat heights with castors or sledge base.

Sela is made from FSC® certified wood*. The model is made using sustainable, durable materials. Its components can be taken apart and replaced individually; for example, the fabric is not glued and can be replaced by an upholsterer. This allows the entire seat to be replaced using the same sub-frame should both fabric and foam wear out.


The base is available in the RAL colour of your choice.

Discover Sela’s different expressions

All of Sela’s variants can be designed to create a visual character that goes well in any setting. The seat can be covered in fabric or leather, and thanks to the choice of paint colours, Sela offers oodles of variety. The active seat component creates an iconic impression that is unmistakably Sela no matter which version you choose. Sela encourages many different ways of sitting. In addition to ‘normal’ sitting, it can also be used like a saddle, providing a more active sitting posture. Sela is available with castors or runners, making it a piece of easily movable furniture that’s ideal for the activity-based office. The variant with runners is available with handles that serve as a small back rest and make the stool easy to move. The different variants cover several fields of application such as meeting rooms, learning environments, hospitals, touchdown spaces, receptions and communal areas like lounges and lobbies.