Kite – The wall mounted sound absorber

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Like a flying kite that improves acoustics. Kite is a fabric-clad sound absorber for walls. The panels are available in several geometric shapes and sizes which can be put together to create a range of visual designs.

Improve the acoustic environment in the office with upholstered wall panels

Create a more pleasant acoustic environment and peace at work with Kite wall panels. The panels have a fill of sound absorbent material and are available in square, rectangular and L-shapes. The panels are manufactured from 50% recycled material and are 100% recyclable. Kite can be wall mounted with velcro so the panels can be installed with your choice of direction and combination. The panels are available in different colours and shapes and can be put together to create graphical patterns.

Combine good acoustics with aesthetics

A good acoustic environment is crucial for concentration, productivity and happiness. Kite can be installed on walls in open areas, auditoriums, classrooms, dining rooms, corridors, reception rooms, conference rooms – in fact any space where you want to improve the acoustics. The geometrical shapes can be combined in a range of different patterns, styles and sizes. Each shape can be upholstered in different colours of fabric. This makes Kite a functional decorative detail that reduces noise without taking up space, unlike floor-standing screens