Avec – Simple and elegant meeting table

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Avec is a simple but elegant café table and meeting table available in variants ideal for training rooms, meeting rooms, dining rooms or lounges. Choose the size and shape of the table top according to your needs.

Tables for meetings, training and dining rooms

Avec consists of simple and elegant meeting tables available in a range of different variants. The worktops are available in a large range of shapes and sizes, making the table suitable for all types of environments. Avec with a round or square worktop is ideal for large conference rooms and small meeting rooms, or in auditoriums and other training rooms. The frame is available in white, black, silver and chromium. The worktop is available in natural wood or laminate with straight or bevelled edges. Avec with a wooden top is perfect with the Offy or Graf chairs in the same type of wood.

Table frame with fixed or folding legs

Place several smaller variants of the table in a row, for example in auditoriums, dining rooms or cafeterias. The metal frame is available in white, black, silver and chromium. The frame is available with fixed or folding legs, and the folding version of the table is ideal for dining rooms and training rooms where there may be a need to reorganise the room and stack tables for short periods.